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Dude, Where’s My Air Filter?

August 9th, 2018|

First things first– a round of applause to you for wanting to change your air filters! While many homeowners are slacking on this otherwise imperative chore, you’ve realized that the cleaner your air filters are,

Is Your HVAC Vacation-Ready?

June 15th, 2018|

Sunscreen? Check. Phone chargers? Double check. HVAC System? *Cue screeching tires* You’ve packed your bags and are already daydreaming of the memories waiting to be made, but nothing puts a damper on that vacation like coming home

The Price is Right: Air Filters

March 23rd, 2018|

Spring has arrived in Arkansas in full swing, and although we’re happy to see it show up, this sunny season didn’t arrive empty-handed. Pollen, bacteria and allergens were brought along, and no amount of locked

What’s Your HVAC IQ?

February 21st, 2018|

At Chenal Heating & Air, we believe that you should always feel comfortable in your home. In fact, we believe that so much, that from equipment, to training, to the technicians that service your HVAC

Greater Warmth for a Lower Price

January 22nd, 2018|

Winter’s icy temperatures have finally made their arrival, and many Central Arkansans feel like they only have two options to combat them– pile on layers, resemble the Michelin man and save money; or crank the

Myth Busters: HVAC Edition

December 19th, 2017|

It’s the year 2017, and we’re blessed to live in a time where the world is, quite literally, at our fingertips. Curious about the square root of pi? One quick Google search will answer that.